Data and Resources


Nepal Earthquake Survey 2016/17


Survey of the universe of households in 11 most severely affected districts, and affected households in 21 more districts (total of 32/75 districts in Nepal). Detailed information on demographics, extent of damage in buildings, effects on health, education, and receipt of aid from the government. Can be merged with village level identifiers.

World Bank Household Risk and Vulnerability Survey


Detailed panel survey (first wave of 3) on household exposure to shocks and household vulnerability.

Nepal Census (2001, 2011)

Available from Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal and IPUMS International

2001 Census

2011 Census

Public use sample of the last 2 waves of the Population census. Contains detailed information on demographics, migration, wealth index etc.

Asia Foundation Impacts and Recovery Monitoring Survey


Small sample, but 4 waves of surveys on aid received in affected districts, including quantities of goods sent, and follow-ups.

Road Networks data


Shake-map archive from USGS - 2015 earthquake and aftershocks


Living Standards Measurement Survey (1996/2004/2011)




3 waves of detailed household surveys including detailed socio-economic variables. Also includes community level variables about prior development projects, access to roads, government facilities.

Demographic and Health Surveys (1996/2001/2006/2011/2016)


Very extensive health survey (including 1 wave conducted post-earthquake), but doesn’t have much information on post-earthquake reconstruction etc (because of standardised survey structure). Likely to be useful for auxiliary analysis on health effects of the disaster.